Defining a niche was never an issue for Dr. Popat, a self-proclaimed “anti-pill” physician that has been serving patients in the Tampa Bay area for over a decade. He realized early on that a minimally invasive approach highlighting lifestyle modification was the key to helping his patients overcome their heart conditions, but when the time came to take over his own practice, Dr. Popat was met with a challenge: growing his patient base and becoming the foremost interventional cardiologist in Tampa Bay.



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Establish Practice in Competitive Market


Balance SEO & PPC to Dominate Niche

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Jesal Popat, M.D.

Florida Medical Clinic


How do you become one of the top cardiologists in Tampa? You make patient care your primary focus. For Dr. Popat, this limited his ability to implement a successful digital marketing strategy on his own. Instead, he needed a trusted marketing partner that could help him dominate his local market and grow his patient base.


Dr. Popat’s patient-centric approach to cardiology already helped set him apart from his competitors; LEVERAGE needed to emulate this important distinction for patients searching for a new medical provider.

We deployed a balanced marketing strategy designed to drive new patients to Dr. Popat’s practice immediately while also laying the framework for long-term growth. This was accomplished by positively influencing paid and organic search rankings with monthly SEO content and a highly optimized Google Ads campaign.


Dr. Popat grossed over seven figures in his first year with LEVERAGE. He experienced a 97% increase in visits to his website. Of this total, 72% were new users, prospective patients actively researching cardiologists in the Tampa Bay area with the intention of putting their health in the hands of a medical provider. On his website, users were engaging with highly researched, search engine optimized articles before requesting appointments, as evidenced by a 328% spike in leads generated. Ultimately, this culminated in Dr. Popat earning the distinguished title of “Top Doc” in Tampa Magazine.