5 Tips for a Successful Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing can be an extremely effective tool for businesses to stay top of mind with their customers, but without a focused plan, your email marketing efforts are not reaching their full potential.

Before sending out your next round of emails, read these 5 actionable tips for creating a successful email marketing campaign.

Tip 1: Set Specific & Measurable Goals

Strategic planning is the key to any successful marketing campaign, so before you send out your first email, determine your goals and objectives. Goals should be specific and measurable. For example, if you want to increase unique website visits, plan your strategy and content around this goal. Next, determine how you will measure the success of your campaign with a specific targeted number of visits.

Tip 2: Know Who You’re Trying to Reach

In order to send information that is relevant to your target audience, know who you’re trying to reach. Before drafting your message, determine who the intended audience is and what information they find valuable. If your message is not relevant to the receiving audience, you are losing out on valuable opportunities to connect and engage with that person. For varied audiences, provide unique content that addresses the specific needs of each segment.

Tip 3: Determine Optimal Send Frequency

The next question to ask before beginning your email marketing campaign is the frequency between messages. You can send emails out daily, weekly, or monthly, but make sure to be consistent. Have a set time each month to plan, write and send out your emails. Test to see which frequency is optimal. Sending emails too often can be annoying and may result in a high unsubscribe rate. Send emails too seldom, and your customers may forget about you.

Tip 4: Communicate Value in The Subject Line

As a Tampa web design company, we understand the importance of communicating value through email subject lines. Nearly one third of email recipients open an email based on subject lines alone. Find a way to communicate the value of your message through a subject line that speaks to your target audience’s needs. The best way to write great subject lines is through writing interesting content. Interesting content usually generates interesting subject lines.

Tip 5: Present a Clear and Concise Message

Rather than overwhelming the reader with lots of information, provide them with a clear and concise message that’s easy to digest. Most recipients will scan your email to pull out bits of information they find of value, rather than read it word for word. Inundating them with too much information will likely result in them ignoring the email. A good rule of thumb is to provide them with a little information they can absorb, rather than a lot of information they ignore.


Email marketing can be a great tool to connect with your audience, but only if it is executed correctly. Set specific and measurable goals, determine who your audience is, how often you will speak to them, grab their attention by providing value in the subject line, and present a clear and concise message. By keeping these tips in mind, you are on your way to integrating a successful email marketing campaign.

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How to Generate More Website Conversions With Testimonials

As a Tampa web design company, we constantly look for ways to increase website conversion rates for our clients. We find that one of the most effective ways for businesses to turn visits into sales is by building trust and credibility, and one of the best ways to do this is through the use of testimonials. Studies show that testimonials help build trust and enhance your brand’s credibility with prospective customers, and consequently contribute to increased conversions.

– As reported by BusinessWeek, 70% of Americans say they look at testimonials before deciding to make a purchase.

– A study conducted by CompUSA and iPerceptions revealed that 63% of consumers indicate they are more likely to purchase from a site if it has testimonials.

– According to a Dimensional Research survey, 90% of respondents claim that positive online testimonials influence their purchase decisions.

Below, we outline three steps to effectively use testimonials to build credibility and increase website conversions.

Step 1: Actively Seek Out New Testimonials

Reach out to existing or past customers and ask them about their experiences with the services or products your company offers. Not only will you gain a testimonial for your website, but you will also gain valuable insight about their experience with your products or services. If the feedback you receive is negative, that’s okay. Negative feedback provides an opportunity to improve your customer experience.

Step 2: Use Testimonials That Address Pain Points & Highlight Benefits

Just because a testimonial is positive, doesn’t mean it’s effective. The most effective testimonials address the customer’s pain point and emphasizes the benefits your service or product provides.

An example of an effective testimonial is, “Prior to seeking the services of Company A, our business had difficulty with consistently meeting quarterly sales objectives. Company A’s services not only allowed us to meet our quarterly sales objectives, but enabled us to exceed them by 200%.”

Step 3: Place Testimonials Alongside Contextually Relevant Content

Testimonials are most effective when they’re relevant in context to the product or service being viewed. For example, if your business has three service offerings: A, B, and C, then a testimonial for service A would be most effective alongside areas of the website that are devoted to service A. This reinforces your credibility to the prospective customer for that specific service. In contrast, placing testimonials that are relevant to service B or C alongside content that discusses service A would add little value.


By placing effective testimonials alongside contextually relevant content, your website will be better equipped to build trust and credibility with prospective customers, and ultimately generate more conversions.

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3 Advantages of Responsive Web Design

Mobile usage is growing at a rapid pace and every business knows their website needs to be mobile-friendly. One of the most difficult decisions is choosing between a dedicated mobile website and a responsive website because both options have their advantages.

Responsive web design is an alternative solution to dedicated mobile websites. A responsive website detects and conforms to the dimensions of the screen on which the website is being viewed and automatically adjusts the formatting of its content and images for optimal display. At Leverage Digital, a web design company in Tampa we specialize in creating professional, mobile-friendly responsive websites.

Below, we outline 3 advantages of having a responsive website, and how it can help your business.

1. Better for SEO

Google has publicly announced that responsive web design is their preferred mobile configuration and refers to this technique as the industry best practice.

For companies that rely heavily on search engine optimization (SEO), a responsive website is the ideal mobile solution. With responsive web design, there is no risk of being penalized by search engines for duplicate content since the content that is displayed regardless of the device comes from the same website. Additionally, it is easier to manage one SEO campaign on one responsive website, than it is to manage two SEO campaigns on separate desktop and mobile websites.

Furthermore, responsive web design reduces load time since it does not require URL redirects, a technique that is used to direct users to a dedicated mobile website when a mobile device is used. Also, device-based redirection is error-prone and can have a negative impact on user-experience, which is a factor that Google takes into account when ranking websites for specific keywords.

2. Provides a Consistent User-Experience Across Multiple Devices

One of the primary benefits of adopting responsive web design is that it allows businesses the ability to provide visitors with a consistent user-experience across multiple devices.

Until recently, the most common mobile strategy was to create a dedicated mobile website, which is often a stripped down version of the desktop website. While this solution allows businesses to provide a “mobile user-experience,” it often results in a website that lacks the information mobile users are looking for, and leaves them resorting to the all-too-familiar “Desktop Version” link. If users have to visit the desktop version of a website on their mobile device in order to find the information they’re looking for, not only does this create a terrible user-experience, but it calls into question the purpose of having a dedicated mobile website in the first place.

Consistency is critical for keeping users happy, and this is where responsive web design fits in. Regardless of the user’s device and screen size, with responsive web design they will always be presented with a website that is consistent in both design and in the information that is provided to them, which is exactly what mobile users expect.

3. Reduces Site Management Costs

Another benefit of responsive design is that it saves business owners both time and money on development and maintenance of the website. Before the introduction of responsive web design, businesses had to create multiple versions of their website to accommodate the various screen sizes of their mobile users, all of which required time and resources to develop, manage, and maintain.

It is generally easier and less costly to maintain one responsive website than it is to maintain separate desktop and mobile websites. The reason for this is with two separate websites, businesses must incur the ongoing cost of managing and maintaining two separate sets of code and two separate sets of content.

With responsive web design, there is only one version of a website to maintain, which makes it the more cost effective solution for businesses in the long-run.


Responsive web design is better for SEO, allows businesses to provide a consistent user-experience across multiple devices, reduces site management costs, and gives businesses the ability to meet the needs of desktop, tablet, and smartphone users, all from one website. For these reasons, at Leverage Digital, a responsive web design company in Tampa, we recommend that every business owner consider a responsive website for their mobile web presence.

For more information, please call us today at (866) 611-6267 or request a free consultation.


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